Healing Crystal Bowls
Jay Schwed, sound healer & visionary
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NEW !!! ALL purchases come with a free SKYPE or FaceTime lesson on care, use and technique. Thank you for allowing me to guide you 1.928.241.0311

Alchemy Bowls
Please note that a rubber O-ring, information packet, and premium suede intention wand (wooden dowel wrapped with suede) are included with the purchase of every crystal singing bowl. You do not have to buy the wand and O-ring separately when you buy a bowl. A mallet may be substituted for the intention wand, if desired. The mallet is a wooden dowel with a rubber ball on the end. It is used for striking the bowl and can be used on the outside or inside of the bowl. The effect from the intention wand vs. the mallet is very different and a matter of personal preference. A velvet bowl pillow is also included with the 7 inch round bottom Collector Series bowls only. You may order replacement or additional wands, mallets, or O-rings, if you desire, on the OGGZ & Other Good Stuff page.
The prices for heart and high heart $35 extra, the true tone bowls $25

Crystal Bowl Tonal Keys
B# - above the crown, higher spirituality
B - crown chakra - connection to Source, where we move out of duality back into the Oneness
A# - pineal gland, main center for anchoring the light of enlightenment in the brain
A - third eye chakra, the intuitive all seeing eye
G# - main endocrine system support (thyroid, pineal, pituitary), anchoring light into the brain
G - throat chakra, expression, creativity, thyroid support
F# - divine/high heart, unconditional heart, unity, support thymus gland and immune system
F - heart chakra, loving, support human love
E - solar plexus chakra, working with the mind and internal organs
D# - integrating spiritual plane into physical, pancreas support
D - sacral chakra, emotional body
C# - sexuality, spirituality, grounding, adrenal support
C - root chakra, grounding

Crystal Bowl Extras Options
A) True Tone or "True Pitch Note" crystal bowls are matched with precision to the desired tonal key. Each and every crystal bowl is
unique and has some +/- degree of varience within it's frequency range. True Tone bowls are more difficult to create, since they require a more time-consuming and exacting standard. There is an additional charge of $25 for each True Tone crystal bowl. (limited availability)

B) The Heart crystal bowls, F & F#, are the most popular bowls. Close attention is paid to the creation of these crystal bowls, and through a proprietary process an exceptionally clear toned crystal bowl is produced. There is an additional charge of $35 for each heart crystal bowl.

ALL BOWL ORDERS ARE CUSTOM MADE.  PLEASE CALL JAY AT 1-928-241-0311 FOR YOUR FREE CONSULTATION AND GUIDANCE TO THE PERFECT SINGING BOWL All singing bowl and alchemy bowl prices listed are the suggested retail prices. My sales prices are adjusted to being "FROM THE HEART PRICES" Please call me to find out about these special prices. 1-928-241-0311


SHIPPING: All orders are insured and shipped by UPS Ground in the USA. International shipping varies, email for details. You are only charged the exact UPS Ground shipping charges. A $33 flat shipping fee is added to all crystal bowl orders. If the shipping fee is less, you will be refunded the difference. If it is more, you will be billed the difference.

RETURNS: All crystal bowls are warranted to be free of defects. If a crystal bowl arrives damaged, please notify us immediately. Otherwise, there are no returns on crystal bowls and all sales will be final. If a bowl should become damaged through use or by accident, let us know and we may be able to repair it for a small fee. In such a case, the buyer pays return shipping, plus insurance both ways.


No medical claims are made about the use of crystal bowls. Crystal Bowls do not replace medical advice. If you experience any health problems you should always consult your regular physican. Do not place a person’s head inside a crystal bowl while playing it. Do not strike or play bowl too loudly, especially near a person’s head. Place bowls at least 12 inches apart, or the vibration may shatter a bowl. Bowls may also shatter if several are playing in a small room. Some have noted discomfort or pain if they have metal pins or stainless steel balljoints. Ask before sounding the bowl.

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