Silver Quartz ​Aquarian Age

Our Solid Silver Bowl mirrors sophisticated elegance for the Aquarian Age and calls forth the sonic muse. With the look and feel of sterling silver, its yin healing qualities are powerful connectors to Source, creating and amplifying sacred space. Our blessed Balinese silver bowl cleanses with a pure colloidal effect as it balances and clears emotional/physical bodies, empowers intuition and rings with a "hallowed grounding" effect (much like Hematite). Silver is the cording energy for astral and physical bodies and the perfect complement for gemstones/minerals. ***ONLY AVAILABLE IN 6" & 7"***

Diamond Divine Radiance

The transcendent high frequency of diamond stimulates and opens all of the chakras with intensive light on the crown and etheric chakras, serving as a reminder of one’s spiritual destiny. 



Titanium Body Wisdom

Supporting the body's wisdom to begin the healing process, Titanium supports the release of non-beneficial energies, encouraging a stronger immune system. As our whole being metabolizes energy, Titanium enhances vibratory balance allowing a strengthening of frequency within our energetic field.

Tanzanite Enlightened Compassion

The sweet tones of Tanzanite sing the anthems of truth and celebrate the dance of the authentic self. Tanzanite sets the stage for you to drop the masks of self-protection and deception, and embrace your true self with enlightened compassion, inviting joy to join you in the dance. The song of Tanzanite creates a communion with body and soul, giving an eloquent voice to the heart. By calming your overactive mind and synchronizing the heart with the brain, Tanzanite allows you to clearly speak your truth, and claim your heart's desire.

Group 8

6” $1799  ~ 7” $1999 ~ 8” $2199 ~ 9” $2399

All Alchemy Singing Bowl orders are custom made.

Please call Jay at 1-928-241-0311 for your free consultation and guidance to the perfect bowl.

Group 9

9” $2499  ~ 10” $2999 ~ 14” $3399 ~ 16” $3599 ~ 18” $3999

All Alchemy Singing Bowl orders are custom made.

Please call Jay at 1-928-241-0311 for your free consultation and guidance to the perfect bowl.

Explore the different types of Alchemy Singing Bowls available:

Solid Gold Classic Divine Abundance

A softly gleaming, elegant classic bowl infused with 24-K Gold, the energy of royalty, success, and soul expansion. Its mirrored interior reflects a magical "master of illusion" golden hologram, a visual doorway into crystalline consciousness that creates a golden sound temple in any setting. The Solid Gold Classic Bowl holds all master conductor frequencies for sonic reconnective patterning, molecularly energizing the body and enriching life experiences –a conscious sonic walk in Light.
"The Gold Bowl emits a frequency of Golden Light. Along with the extraordinary sound it creates, this golden light assists in making the bowl a transmitter of wonderful energy!!!!" - Jonathan Goldman

Group 10

7” $2499 ~ 8” $2549 ~ 9” $2699 ~ 10” $2999

All Alchemy Singing Bowl orders are custom made.

Please call Jay at 1-928-241-0311 for your free consultation and guidance to the perfect bowl.

Tibetan Quartz ​Copper Conductivity

We've blended exquisite antique Tibetan bowls (and their Om Mane Padme Hum prayer energies) with the purest quartz crystal frequencies for a highly conductive marriage of ancient and Aquarian sonic healing. Copper and quartz can electrify and optimize healer’s energies that balance body and auric fields. Copper rapidly transmits and amplifies thoughts while opening and clearing crown and base chakras. The Tibetan Quartz Bowl is an excellent catalyst for transcendence. 

***ONLY AVAILABLE IN 6" & 7"***

Chromium Universal Communication

Chromium supports intuition and universal communication. Promoting a strengthened energetic field of truthfulness, chromium encourages quantum frequency expansion.

Solid Platinum Classic ​Divine Transformation

Platinum is a metal of transformation. It allows one to break preconceived boundaries and achieve the maximum success in any given endeavor. Platinum is useful to utilize in conjunction with high vibrational transformational crystals. It helps one absorb those higher vibrations at a physical level, so we are better able to put the energy to work in bringing creative visions into the physical world!

6” $2199  ~ 7” $2399 ~ 8” $2599 ~ 9” $2999 ~ 10” $3699 ~ 12” $5099

​Practitioners ~  6” $2399 ~ 7” $2799 ~ 8” $2999 ~ 9” $3199​

All Alchemy Singing Bowl orders are custom made.

Please call Jay at 1-928-241-0311 for your free consultation and guidance to the perfect bowl.

Crystal Bowl Tonal Keys
High C ~ above the crown, higher spirituality, soul star 
B ~ crown chakra, connection to Source, where we move out of duality back into the Oneness 
A# ~ pineal gland, the main center for anchoring the light of enlightenment in the brain 
A ~ third eye chakra, the intuitive all seeing eye
G# ~ main endocrine system support (thyroid, pineal, pituitary), anchoring light into the brain
G ~ throat chakra, expression, creativity, thyroid support 
F# ~ divine/high heart, unconditional heart, unity, support the thymus gland and immune system
F ~ heart chakra, loving, support human love
E ~ solar plexus chakra, working with the mind and internal organs
D# ~ integrating spiritual plane into physical, pancreas support
D ~ sacral chakra, emotional body
C# ~ sexuality, spirituality, grounding, adrenal support
C ~ root chakra, grounding

Please note that a rubber O-ring and premium suede wand are included with the purchase of every crystal singing bowl.

Crystal Bowl Extras Options
A) True Tone or "True Pitch Note" crystal bowls are matched with precision to the desired tonal key. Each and every crystal bowl is unique and has some +/- degree of variance within its frequency range. True Tone bowls are more difficult to create since they require a more time-consuming and exacting standard. There is an additional charge of $150 for each True Tone crystal bowl. (limited availability)

B) The Heart crystal bowls, F & F#, are the most popular bowls. Close attention is paid to the creation of these crystal bowls, and through a proprietary process, an exceptionally clear-toned crystal bowl is produced. There is an additional charge of $75 for each heart crystal bowl.
SHIPPING: All orders are insured and shipped by UPS Ground in the USA. International shipping varies, email for details. You are only charged the exact UPS Ground shipping charges. 

RETURNS: All crystal bowls are warranted to be free of defects. If a crystal bowl box arrives and appears to be damaged, a video of the unpacking is required for an insurance claim to be processed. Otherwise, there are no returns or refunds on crystal bowls and all sales will be final. We recommend insuring your sacred sound healing tools as once they are received, you are 100% responsible for their care.

PRECAUTIONS: No medical claims are made about the use of crystal bowls. Crystal Bowls do not replace medical advice. If you experience any health problems you should always consult your regular physician. Do not place a person’s head inside a crystal bowl while playing it. Do not strike or play bowl too loudly, especially near a person’s head. Place bowls at least 12 inches apart, or the vibration may shatter a bowl. Bowls may also shatter if several are playing in a small room. Some have noted discomfort or pain if they have metal pins or stainless steel ball joints. Ask before sounding the bowl.

Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls: Groups 6-10

Therapeutic Gold Owning Our Divinity

Fully expansive, all-encompassing and infinite tones sing from this sensational luminous bowl with a mirrored softness of golden twilight. Designed to invoke circles within circles, its gong-like round bell shape produces multiple overtones with a spiraling cosmic chime. The brilliant gold ingot qualities can attract abundance and an effortless life. A master healer, Gold balances the heart center and opens third eye/crown chakras. The Solid Gold Bowl is a crystalline peace bell, the Xanadu of sonic intention and resonance.

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