These magical French Fairy Chimes bring in and restore the enchantment into our lives again, just as the magical music boxes and the ice cream man did when we were children. When you play the Zaphir, it gets rid of Za-Fear. They are an enchanting way to bring softness and magic into any sound healing session and a beautiful way to help people to reconnect with the Fairies. They are absolutely charming. Each of the 5 different sounds of Zaphir comes in a variety of colors for you to choose from.

Shipping is additional and not included in the prices listed on this page. To place an order, email Jay Schwed at or call or text 928-241-0311.

Crystal Singing Pyramids

14.5” $450  ~ 12” $400 ~ 11” $375 ~10” $350 ~ 9” $325 

8” $300 ~ 7” $275 ~  6” $250 ~ 5” $225 ~ 4” $200

At the ending of the Mayan calendar in 2012, the singing crystal pyramids appeared to me while performing in a Pyramid in Quebec, Canada. The crystalline pyramid represented the bringing in of a new vibration to assist with bringing the higher frequency energies of the new age. Made out of 99.99% pure crystal, each pyramid is handmade and all 8 rods deliver their own unique frequencies. As you spin the pyramid, each of the 8 rods creates 8 vortexes of energy, releasing old thought patterns and old energies, as they attune us to the new frequencies being brought to Earth. The larger pyramids are deeper and radiate grounding tones, while the smaller pyramids are higher and radiate tones which are more connecting to spirit and higher points of origin.

Zaphir ~ Magical French Chimes

$50 for 1 ~ $45 for 2 or more ~ Available in 5 different sounds:

Twilight ~ Sunray ~ Crystallide ~ Blue Moon ~ Sufi

Colors vary and are not related to sound.

Crystal Singing Pyramids & Zaphir Chimes