About The ​Introduction to Sound Healing: 

A Transformational Sound Healing Immersion​

During this 4 day training we learn theory, philosophy, application and techniques using a variety of sound healing tools, including: singing crystal bowls, alchemy bowls, singing crystal pyramids, singing merkaba pyramids, zaphir magical chimes and more. Between class sessions we will also be exploring the vortexes of Sedona and enjoying home cooked meals  as we share a beautiful home with a jacuzzi and shared lodging. In class you will learn a variety of ceremonies, water ceremonies, private sound healing sessions and more as we each connect to one another in this most magical way. Class is 80% hands on and we will also be enjoying about 24 hours of personal healing as you study with Jay.

Jay S. Schwed

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Facilitated by Master Sonic Alchemist and Visionary

Introduction to Sound Healing:

A Transformational Sound Healing Immersion

In Sacred Sedona, Arizona
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Octavial Repatterning is a 12 treatment therapeutic program (this process is taught in a 4 day training) designed to bring harmony and balance and clear old cellular memories in each and every cell—this includes all cells, organic and inorganic, liquid, solid, and all the way into the divine as well as clearing and repairing of the Grid, earth’s energy field. This system has been designed to align each person’s vibrational frequency to their divine origin and nature. This has been created to work on a cellular level in order to release old cellular memories that have prevented us from a more rapid rate of evolution into our star or higher consciousness. The results vary from person to person but include having more peace and harmony, abundance, and living life in a more flowing manner. This class is conducted with alchemical singing bowls, crystal singing pyramids, magical fairy chimes, and a variety of other tools, including our voice. 

As our bodies are musical/vibrational instruments, through the course of our lives, on a cellular level, we have become affected and modified by many internal and external factors and have been prevented from evolving into the divine beings that we have come into this life to be. 

We have nonactive DNA yearning to be expressed. We are transmitters of light energy awaiting activation. We are divine beings awaiting further instruction on how to restore the ‘Garden of Eden Consciousness’ onto the earth plane.

This course has been designed through transmissions we have received, and many decades of training, to assist each person, place, and thing to evolve at a much more rapid rate than has been experienced previously.  As we release the old, each cell returns to its optimal function as the dormant chromosomes are activated. A more ‘enLIGHTened’ state of being!!!

As we sing through the musical scale,  Do-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol-La-Te-Do, it makes us feel alive and joyful. Each note of this scale represents a different octave. As we embraced the traditional Chakra system, we have found that each chakra (energy center, spinning wheel) needs grounding, connection to spirit, connection to our divine vision, communications, coming from the heart, fire, passion…ENERGY CENTERS!!! Acupuncturists have thousands of acupuncture points called ENERGY CENTERS. We have recognized that every cell is an ENERGY CENTER!!!  (All cells of all things.) This brings us to the next point that each cell chakra (energy center) needs to be restored to its optimal function in order to assist us in our evolutionary process. Each cell includes all cells of all things, everywhere. All octaves are needed to be present in each cell.

As we restore harmony on a cellular level, the mitochondria are activated to their full function. The mitochondria are the cell’s energy producers. They produce energy to allow each cell to perform at its optimal function. This includes, but is not limited to, activation of dormant chromosomes. As old cellular memories and traumas are released the vibration of each cell is restored into its optimal function/purpose. Scientific studies have shown how the ‘Whirling Dervishes’ have become activated into their higher consciousness by spinning in circles for hours. As harmony is restored we function at a much higher level and are more connected to the flow of the divine where synchronicities occur, where miracles exist. We stay connected with our divine origins. We also become very clear and conscious of our life vision and mission here.

In this 10-day process, students are being trained in, through the usage of the Octavial Repatterning process, each cell receives each vibrational frequency and each octave in a variety of ways. We are training each cell to return to harmony, balance, and complete activation. 

During this process we: 

  • Nourish our spiritual vibrational being with Manna (ORMUS)
  • Bring each participant into a deep trance state/hypnotic state
  • Release, re-pattern, and restore cellular activity and harmony
  • Clear old subconscious and cellular memories
  • Learn ancient toning techniques
  • Build group grids
  • Balance Light Healing
  • Create Octavial infused aromatherapy mists
  • Create Octavial balanced waters 
  • Create Octavial musical compositions with Crystal Tones Alchemy Singing Bowls™ 
  • Script dialogues to be used during this process
  • Activate the pineal to stimulate Melatonin production and release

These are the main areas that we will be incorporating into this 4-day Advanced Sound Alchemist training. All students will have complete access to a wide variety of alchemy singing bowls, singing crystal pyramids, enchanting ‘fairy’ chimes, high-quality essential oils, and more as we explore this re-birthing process. All interested may attend this training****. 

The results of this training will be beyond abundance and awakenings and will be unique for each person based on their design.   

****For interested students who have had no prior sound healing experience or training or who want to refresh their skills, there will be an Introduction to Sound Healing training prior to this 4-day training. Introductory trainings can also be scheduled privately with Jay.

Course enrollment fees for this 4 Day Advanced Sound Alchemist Training are $1000. A portion of all enrollment fees goes towards sound healing tools purchased through us. Financial Empowerment Packages with financing options are available.  

Contact Jay Schwed at 928-241-0311 for more information or to enroll.


Each region of our body represents a different octave or chakra. Lower octaves are more grounding, higher ones are more heavenly.  
1. Octavial Repatterning is defined as a rebalancing and re-patterning process, leading to and achieving the maintenance of a state of harmony and balance on a much deeper (cellular subconscious) level. All cells are connected to all things, to each region, each chakra, and the surrounding universe. Rather than focusing on a single chakra note, this expands the vision to include all notes in each octave which relates to each bodily region and cell and energy center previously referred to as chakras. (We recognize each cell is a chakra/energy center). This can be experienced as we sing through the musical scale: Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La Ti, Do and experience these vibrations in each region of our body. For example, it is important to be grounded (note C) in your heart region (note F), as well as connected to spirit (note B) and having a clear vision (note A). This is used to restore and re-pattern all cells organic, inorganic, spirit, etc.
2. A returning to our divine self 

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The Octavial Repatterning Experience:
A 4-Day Advanced Sound Alchemist Training 
A Cellular Subconscious Clearing
and DNA/Soul Activation