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 Upcoming Master Sound Healer Trainings

Vineland, New Jersey ~ Friday, November 30-Monday, December 3, 2018

Mainiero Family Chiropractic and Wellness Center ~ 663 N Main Rd, Vineland, NJ 08360

Friday6-9 pm / Saturday 11 am-8 pm / Sunday 9 am-6 pm / Monday Graduation Celebration Performance 6-9 pm

2 FREE sound healing tools for early enrollment through 9/15! 1 FREE tool for enrollment through 10/30!

Awaken Your Creativity

Ignite the Fire Within

Clear Blockages on ALL Levels

Discover Your Passion

Reclaim Your Power

Raise Your Vibration

Align with Your Purpose

This is a 4 day/22+ hour experiential process designed to empower each student in raising their personal vibrational frequency and that of their families and community to the new frequencies and shifts that we have been experiencing. During this transformational journey, each student will experience a powerful healing, clearing, and releasing of the old, preparing for a bringing in of the new energies. Each student will learn to connect with the individual and group energy and transform it into unique musical compositions through the form of this unique healing technique and musical creation. This training is over 80% hands on!!! 


Each participant shall learn proper techniques on handling, caring for, and usage of a wide variety of sound healing tools in a wide variety of areas. The emphasis will be on crystal and alchemy singing bowls, singing crystal pyramids, and several other powerful tools. Students will learn to facilitate private sound healing sessions and a variety of different types of group ceremonies and processes. You will be trained in a REVOLUTIONARY new technique Jay has developed as he was guided. This can be used on animals, people and even plants, gemstones, and more. IT'S VERY POWERFUL!!! There will be some singing, chanting, storytelling, and a lot of organic creativity. 

All students leave this experience with a new feeling of empowerment, enchantment, and purpose. 

The facilitators' 30 years of experience as alternative healthcare practitioners are weaved together to make this a powerful, passionate, and life-changing experience. The 20 plus hours of sound healing are a catalyst for life changes and powerful healings for all who attend.

Each day begins with a ceremony of sound, vibration, and magic which prepares mind, body, and spirit as we prepare to embark upon this powerful journey. An awakening of the enchantment and inner light is the foundation.

The main goal of this training is to ignite the fire that lives within each, harmonizing body, mind, and spirit and assisting each in their greater awakening. From this point we are prepared to give birth to our new sound healing journey, bringing these tools and techniques to our clients, friends, and family. Each student will leave this course with the confidence to do private and group sessions, ceremonies, home energy clearings, and more.

"We are here as student and teacher, guide and catalyst, supporting each student in developing their own style and way of using these remarkable sound healing tools."

The first evening is a brief history, philosophy, ethics, applications, and techniques. This first evening can be attended as a separate class for those curious and undecided about their future as a sound healer. At the end of this evening, all students are very comfortable with a variety of sound healing tools. The remainder of the class is very creative, progressive, and fun as Jay shares his 20 years experience with you. 

The class finishes on Sunday with a 2-hour clinic where students give treatments to friends and family, integrating their studies into their community. After clinic, students are acknowledged and acknowledge each other in the enchanting ‘Sonic Footbath’!!!

Monday night is a Graduation Celebration Performance, where the students give a live performance/sound bath for their community. Each student has a spotlight where they share what they’ve learned. This is also presented as a ‘Live Video Feed’ as students bring healing to their Facebook community, other networks, and to the planet. 

This magical training is facilitated by Master Sonic Alchemists Jay Schwed and Megan Ann Walker. For more information connect with Jay at 928-241-0311 or Megan at 856-421-0120.

Master Sonic Alchemist Jay Schwed has over 30 years experience as a holistic and alternative health care practitioner, and has been traveling throughout the United States and Canada giving performances, leading workshops, and giving private sessions at nursing homes, healing centers, New Thought churches, yoga studios, recovery centers, mental institutions, hospice, and a variety of other locations. Jay Schwed and Megan Ann Walker combine their 25 years of experience as sound healers to create this expansion of their mission to raise the vibrational frequency of the planet by building teams of sound healers across the United States. Jay and Megan have combined their passion, knowledge, and skills to create a magical and transformative experience for each student. Megan joins Jay to take the magic he offers to the next level by providing the complement of the Divine Feminine energy. Megan is one of the greatest testimonies to the transformational power of Jay’s training, which empowered and liberated her to step forward and fearlessly share her divine gifts with the world. She is a magnificent example of how the power of alchemy, sound, and vibrational healing can be used to manifest the life of your dreams.


The enrollment fee for this training is $550 per person. 
For those who choose to purchase your tools through us before or after class, a portion or all of the enrollment fee goes towards your purchase. A consultation is set up at enrollment time to assist and guide students in creating their sets of sound healing tools. There will also be a variety of singing bowls available for students to practice with and purchase at class. 

For the most powerful experience, we highly recommend the purchase of at least 2 singing bowls and 1 practitioner bowl to begin your collection of sound healing tools. We have a variety of sound healing tools available for you to use during class that are available for purchase should you connect with them. We offer a variety of different financial options for each student's set of bowls. This can be explored during our telephone/virtual consultation at the time of registration, 1-928-241-0311 or at class. For students who purchase a set of 3-7 alchemy bowls, before or after class, the total enrollment fee goes towards the purchase. (We offer financing for student's singing bowl collections. With a down payment of 40-60%, the balance can be paid off in 3-18 monthly payments.)

Enrollment fees can be sent via PayPal to thejzone@yahoo.com or by calling Jay at 928-241-0311 or Megan at 856-421-0120 with a credit card.

Please join us for this magical life-transforming event!!!!


Course Highlights Video

*NEW* Traveling Sound Temple and Sound Healers School

Video Collage 

Alpaca/Llama Healing Video 

Jay's Newest Interview 


Jay Schwed, MsT, CHT, was born in Chicago, IL and was raised in Los Angeles, CA. In 1979 he got his degree in Agriculture and followed with a career with the USDA as an inspector, followed by years of work as a plant breeder ’s assistant. In 1983 he took his first workshop in massage therapy at Esalen Institute. Immediately after the workshop, he enrolled in a massage school in Carmel, CA. Jay has been a pioneer in this field and has worked in a variety of settings. In 1994, inspired by another Esalen workshop, he bought his first set of 'singing' Crystal Bowls. In the following years, he has taught himself how to play. In 1995 Jay was trained as a Reiki Master and has been training many in this technique. In 1997 Jay added to his skills by attending a 750- hour training program in hypnotherapy. During the last 15 years Jay has been traveling throughout the United States and Canada giving performances, leading workshops and giving private sessions at nursing homes, healing centers, New Thought churches, yoga studios, recovery centers, mental institutions, hospice and a variety of other locations as he assists in raising the planets vibrational frequencies. He has performed at such notable places as The Deepak Chopra Center, The Edgar Cayce Center, A.R.E., The Agape Cultural Center, and The Believe Center. His current focus is in the building of teams of sound healers everywhere his classes are facilitated. 


Jay's Sound healing mastery weekend both elevated my spirit and informed me more about the power of working with and attuning to the frequencies created with crystal singing bowls. I feel the weekend "immersion" into sound therapy both cleared some psychic "blocks" for me and tuned my subtle energy fields to a higher (and clearer) frequency that definitely elevated my spirit. The numerous sound baths and meditations over the weekend gave me a more "crystal clear" vision of how sound can be used for healing, clearing negative vibrations and attuning to my own higher self and also as a powerful tool for connecting with others. Jay is knowledgeable, experienced and clearly communicates his knowledge and insights as a teacher. He also encourages individual expression and experimentation via his truly unique playful and humble way of being. I feel very blessed to have met this man and I have a great appreciation for both what he shared and HOW he shared. I highly recommend Jay's workshop for all individuals exploring or deepening their spiritual path via sacred sounds.
Happy listening! Derrick Little in NYC (10/30/15)

When I met Jay Schwed at an event and watched and heard how he played the crystal bowls, I knew my teacher had manifested and had no doubt in going to his training. What I couldn't even imagine is the gifts that I received with and through him with the bowls. Firstly, the most beautiful souls that became the training group. How we were in total synchronicity because the way Jay holds space. The way he took us on the journey of flowing in the vibration of the bowls, connecting to the sound and becoming ONE. Truly, there are not enough words to fully describe the magnificence and healing through this training with JAY, It's so experiential, that there is no dull moment. Just be ready for the Shakti (energy) releases that you experience through JAY, THE WIZARD OF CRYSTAL BOWLS AND THE SINGING DOLPHIN. I am soooo grateful for manifesting such a wondrous teacher whose heart and soul is to uplift and bring expansion to consciousness. THANK YOU, THANK YOU Jay, from my heart to yours

Kristin Hink (Sat Kirtin Kaur)
"Jay truly is my favorite teacher to date. He is someone who really walks his talk with pure love and compassion as he moves through life with a certain lightness of being. Though at the same time, Jay is a powerful manifestor with strong intention and clear vision and purpose. With a background in deep tissue massage, that is exactly the effect he has with his sound healings and interactions with his students. He is fiercely compassionate but at the same time always seeking opportunities to empower others to their next level. His life is his teachings and he is a powerful example of what it’s like to surrender one’s life to the flow and continually push the envelope in expanding his capacity for serve, love, and creativity. And he does it all in the spirit of expansion and growth, not only for himself but for his students and the planet. I have known Jay for 5 months now in which time we have co-created events together and most recently I was enrolled in his 3-day sound healer practitioner training. Jay has helped me see what is truly possible for me and has given me the tools to release the blocks to making those visions a reality. He has taught me the true meaning of creation and creativity now flows through me in ways it has not since I was a kid. What I love most about Jay is his down-to-earth and relatable personality. He is an absolute joy to be around and a pleasure to work with. I am eternally grateful for Jay as both a profound teacher and cherished friend. I highly recommend Jay and his trainings to anyone who is feeling called." 

This training was so much fun. Jay himself has such a generous heart and truly wants to impart his knowledge to others. He made his training accessible to me plus threw in a Free Hand Held Singing Bowl, which I love. He provided an earn and learn opportunity to us by empowering some of the students to create an event where we were all able to earn a bit of income for our performance. I can honestly say That this training has changed my life.
You are awesome Jay. I really want you to know that your presence, your generosity, your openness has been a blessing in my life and the lives of others. A lot of great things have been birthed from this experience.

Dr. Stacy Aberle
Taking the sound healing practitioner course with Jay Schwed was indeed a life changer. The three days of the workshop was powerful, integrative and one of the most profound courses that I have ever engaged in. The knowledge that is shared by Jay is invaluable and allows you, as a sound healing practitioner, to transform not only your life but the lives of others in a very short time. Soon after, I was able to integrate all my newly taught healing gifts into my client's life as well as my own. In fact, I was badly burned on Easter. I utilized the principles of sound healing and vibration each day and recovered in a manner that was no less than miraculous. I attribute my accelerated healing to the teachings that I received by taking the class with Jay Schwed. My clients LOVE my new modality and the shifts and healing that occur with sound are absolutely incredible and the start of a whole new journey for me.

2018 4 Day Master Sound Healer Trainings

2019 4 Day Master Sound Healer Trainings

Grand Rapids, Michigan ~ Friday, October 26-Monday, October 29, 2018

Unity Center for Spiritual Growth ~ 6025 Ada Dr SE, Ada, MI 49301

Friday6-9 pm / Saturday 11 am-8 pm / Sunday 1-9 pm / Monday Graduation Celebration Performance 6-9 pm

1 FREE sound healing tool for early enrollment through 10/10/18!